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Man’s Discovers Old Apple Computer; Plays 30-Year-Old Video Games From His Youth

The following tweets are from Professor John Pfaff’s Twitter feed. The author of Locked In, a book about the true causes of mass incarceration, recently found a 30-year old Apple computer in his parents’ attic! He turned it on and a message flashed on the screen asking him if he wanted to restore a saved game.

He published several posts on Twitter about his discovery, and eventually, his original post went viral. It was covered by CNN.

He also discovered a letter his father wrote him while he was at summer camp. He was 11 at the time. Clearly, this is the best part of finding the old Apple computer as Pfaff’s father died a year ago. I’ve embedded his tweets below, but first, an excerpt from that letter:

…We will save the daily cartoons from the newspaper so you can read them when you get back. I think you idea about Spiderman is correct, but we will see.

Hope that you are enjoying camp. The camp councilors that we talked with we liked. Looks like you have a busy schedule, but also one which should be fun. We are really looking forward to hearing about your adventures…”

Life is so short. That ordinary letter as Pfaff called it brought tears to my eyes. It’s easy to read between the lines and see how much he missed his boy.


(Anyone else think that character looks like Harry Potter?)

When did you get your first computer? Do you know what became of it? What was the first video game you ever played?

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