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1980s Scrapbook With Field Day Ribbons, Church Ribbons (Daily Photo)

1980s Scrapbook with 1970s Field Day Ribbons

1980s Scrapbook

Today’s Daily Photo is a page from my 1980s scrapbook. It features church ribbons from the 80s and field day ribbons from the 1970s. The church ribbons belonged to my mother. She let me have them when I put the scrapbook together all those many years ago. I loved to sit in church and thumb through her Bible. It was filled with church ribbons and bookmarks along with poems and scriptures she cut out of bulletins and newspapers. I especially loved running the satiny ribbons between my thumb and finger. My mom also gave me the honorable mention ribbon she won in the pie contest at the Yamboree in East Texas in 1980. She was so proud of that win because it was a huge contest and she was new to town.

I won the 1st place field day at Giberson Elementary, Colorado Springs. It’s hard to believe I came in first in any event but I have the ribbons to prove it. lol. It must have been a three-legged race in which my partner dragged me across the finish line.

The 4th place ribbons are a much more accurate reflection of my childhood athleticism. I won these when we lived in Kermit, an old oil town in West Texas.

I posted on Facebook that these are small treasures are from a small life. Jennifer V. replied: “The bigger the life the smaller the treasures. I would posit a full life of love stores up love as treasure and the tiny mementos that conjure up that love and happiness.” I thought that was great.

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  1. Dave Brown

    When I saw “Field Day” in the title of this post, I immediately thought you might be talking about the tremendous record by the ’80s melodic hardcore band Dag Nasty of the same name. But that’s how my mind works…

    • Jennifer

      That’s so funny!! Good to see you here, Dave!!


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