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Introducing My Patreon

5th Grade Science, 1978. Photo Credit: B. Faluso

Today, I invite you to join my Patreon community. For just $1 a month you can unlock one or two posts a week and listen to a new monthly podcast. Click here to join.

What You Get for $1 A Month

  • Ad-free and sponsor-free content
  • Monthly Podcast
  • Monthly Video Message
  • Exclusive Details on the Quarterly Book Club (We are primarily going to read and discuss memoirs)
  • 1-2 Posts Per Week
  • Other exclusive features

There are four fun levels of support, $1, $3, $5, and $10, but everyone receives the same content. So sign up today for just $1 a month!

What? Why are you doing this?

Patreon is an online platform where writers, artists, and other creators can get paid for what they’re already doing. Money, however, is not my primary motivation. I joined Patreon because steadily, over the last decade or so of blogging publicly, my voice has become constrained. I want to draw a fence line around where I share my best content and try, once again, to write from what the late Brenda Ueland called the true self. This means connecting with an audience I trust.

When are you going to write your book?

Through Patreon, I want to connect with my audience on a more personal level, particularly as I work on my Gen-X memoir and prepare book proposals for literary agents. Shortly before my mother died she sent me a direct message on Facebook and asked me (as she often did) when I was going to write my book. I was at a low point and I texted her back, “Nobody wants to read my sad stories, Mom.” She replied, “I love your sad stories.” It was the only time she said something like that to me and it made me wonder if she was going to die soon. She passed away just a few weeks later.

The thing is, many of my sad stories are about her hard life, like the one I shared in the post, Wintertide (June 2019). It’s my best post because it talks about the best thing I’ve ever done for anyone. It was something I did for her.

The stories, the memoirs, are never just about Generation X, right? They’re about all the people we’ve loved including those we’ve lost. Thank you for connecting with me in a new (and hopefully a little more sacred) space.

“Everybody is original, if he tells the truth, if he speaks from himself. But it must be from his true self and not from the self he thinks he should be.” – Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit, 1938

My Existing Website

I am not abandoning my current website, I will continue to post here regularly. Over the years, it has become a tremendous archive of photos and information about Generation X. I’m very proud of it and I’m happy and committed to keeping it going.

5th Grade Science 1978

5th Grade Science 1978 | Photo Credit: B. Faluso

I see you, friends. Thank you for seeing me. I hope to see more of you on Patreon.

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