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Swimming Lessons, 1983 (Daily Photo)

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From Patrick F. , Penned in 2009

“This is a photo I took of my daughter, Christina, in August of 1983, near her third birthday, at the community pool. She’d learned to swim while she learned to walk…

“I have thirty years of memories of her. She was assertive and active in her mother’s womb, and always after she was born. There are memories of her birth, of sand castles and fishing and lifting her head the first time and first steps and bicycles and sailing and puppies and dance and piano and tantrums and road trips and stitches and softball and bedtime stories and graduation, from high school, from college, from law school. There are memories of a wedding and very recent memories of time spent together, in dust and paint and sweat, helping her and Matt remodel their first home.

“I also remember mistakes that I made, times when I know that I could have, should have, been a better father, and she tells me of things that she remembers, little things, that made a difference to her, that I had forgotten, but that make her smile today.

“I type this today, on my twenty-ninth Fathers Day, feeling so very fortunate, so filled with love.”

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