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1970s Mom with Green Kool-Aid and Yarn Ribbon Ponytails

1970s Mom with Green Kool-aid

1970s Mom with Green Kool-aid

When I spotted this photo of a 1970s mom holding a glass of green Kool-Aid I knew I had to buy it! I discovered it on Etsy, one of my favorite online marketplaces. It reminded me of that Kool-Aid slogan, which first appeared in 1979: “Moms depend on Kool-Aid like kids depend on moms.” 😋 It also reminded me of how much I loved green Kool-Aid as a kid. My grandma always had a super cold pitcher of it in her fridge. 

Here is the commercial in case you’ve forgotten. 

And, the jingle:

“There’s always one house where kids play
One mom who makes days fun
She knows what goes with thirsty kids
Kool-Aid is the one!”

Here is a print ad with the same slogan.

Kool-Aid Ad 1980

Kool-Aid Ad 1980

There are other things I love about this photo including the Mid-Century cinder block wall; the flat-roof structure; the boy’s bright yellow, brown, and orange striped shirt; Dad’s glasses, and last, but not least, the mom’s ponytails! I love how she tied them up with the Goody yarn ties, which were originally called Doodles.

Yarn Hair Ties

I loved those wooly ribbons as a kid, but my mom didn’t like them, as referenced in this Brach’s Pick-A-Mix candy post from 2012. When she put ribbons in my hair, which was quite often, they were always satin. Her dislike of Doodles made quite an impression on me. She did not like the styles of my generation. The happiest years of her life were the years when my Baby Boomer sisters were in grade school. She loved classic styles and dressed them up in full dresses with petticoats and such. Even when they got older and were in high school in the 1970s, there were still plenty of plaid skirts to go around and that made her happy.

My mom did not like synthetic fashion. She loved natural fibers like wool and cotton. Even my sister’s charm bracelets, which were sterling silver like the one she had, were far superior in her mind to the plastic charm necklaces of Generation X. She wasn’t wrong, but I still wanted all the plastic junk. LOL.

I miss my mom every day, but I’m grateful I had her with me for the first 50 years. Only forever would have been long enough.

Also, moms still depend on Kool-Aid. Only now it’s to dye hair.

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