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Pictures of the AMC Gremlin (Car)

American Motors Corporation introduced the AMC Gremlin in 1970. One of my friend’s in high school had one that was a faded purple with white stripes. It looked like a high top tennis shoe. What fun it would be to have one of these rides!

1972 Trailer-Train, Milwaukee marshaling yard, November 1971.

More than 30 delicious AMC Gremlins, Hornets and Sportabouts take a ride on a tractor trailer. On the top is a 1972 Javelin SST and behind it Matadors and Ambassadors. Location: Milwaukee Marshaling Yard, November 1971.

From the original source: “How many of you ever saw one of these Trailer Trains loaded with new American Cars, much less American Motors cars?”

Black and white gremlin and a woman wearing black and white and smoking a cigarette

Woman wearing black and white and smoking a cigarette stands in front of her black and white AMC Gremlin | 1970s

Married couple and their green AMC Gremlin

Just Married: A couple and their green Gremlin on their wedding day, 1978. The car is a 1973 model.

Two boys in football gear in front of a blue Gremlin by AMC

Two young adolescent football players pose for a picture. A blue Gremlin is in the background.

A mom and her children pose in front of a white Gremlin

Classic early 1970s mom poses with her Gen-X daughters in front of a white or silver AMC Gremlin.

Blue AMC Gremlin, 1973

Finally, Donna and her hot rod Levi.

There are a few Facebook groups devoted to this fun little car. Check this one out.

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