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Friend, Do What You Came For.

When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was desperate to stay alive. Full of “sorrow to the point of death,” he prayed for the bitter cup of crucifixion to pass from him. He begged his disciples to stay with Him. But, instead, they fell asleep, exhausted from mourning. Alone,...

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A Place To Pray

I pray here, there and everywhere. I pray in bed staring up at the ceiling. I pray at 2 a.m., looking at the blue numbers on the digital clock. I pray in the carpool lane, especially on rainy days. Tears on my windshield washing it clean away. The cobwebs, the disappointments, the fears. Thank God...

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How To Win Through Surrender

{ We are just four people who like to make music together and thus…pass on a piece of God’s love. — La Diju } For nearly 30 years, I have loved the song No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen. Well, now young faces grow sad and old And hearts of fire grow cold We swore blood brothers...

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Where Is God?

There have been days when I thought God was dead. Thought he’d abandoned me in my moments of despair. During most of these moments I was enduring the earthly consequences of our own bad choices. It comes down to this: We fought when we should have surrendered. We surrendered when we should...

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8 Lessons from the Book of Numbers

For several weeks I’ve been camped out in lessons from the Book of Numbers. I’ve read the entire book over and over again, especially the first three chapters, which is, well, a bunch of numbers, and I’ve learned so much! Lessons From the Book of Numbers 1. When clouds cover the sky, stay put....

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Cherishing My Daughter: Saint Super Bridgy

This is my little Saint Super Bridgy. Look how special she is! The light just darts out of her and winds its way into all my dark memories. Every love unrequited (believe me, they weren’t all romantic) – every disappointment, big and large – all of it fades away at the sound of...

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