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Millennial Viral Video: Dear Elders, I’m Sorry.

A young Texas journalist named Alexis Bloomer posted the following video to Facebook. At last count, it had received 40 million Facebook views.The two-minute commentary is a pretty severe indictment on Millennials (Generation Y). Here is a counterpoint to her argument via Houstonian Online. Dear...

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Test Reveals Personality Traits of Five Generations

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB)  August 29, 2015 — — They’ve been through the Great Depression and World War II, but you don’t hear the “G.I.” or the “Greatest” generation complaining. In fact, research by PsychTests using their Big Five Personality Test, an assessment that looks at the top...

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20 Skills Facing Extinction

A survey of 2,000 Britons by Ordnance Survey reveals 20 traditional skills are falling by the wayside and facing extinction. They’re just the latest casualties of technology — examples of digital disruption devaluing more than goods and services, but skills that were once considered...

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