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Falling Squirrel

This is me on my Sunday morning walk before church. Back in the early 90s, that apartment building behind me was a crack house. I stopped by it one time to talk to the residents. My brave days when I thought I could save the world from itself. Times change, and a lot has changed, but those...

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And, On The Autumn Blows

“Sometimes on the autumn blows, when it comes through like this, when the evening air has just a faint idea of chill about it and the first musty tangs whip up in the first of the fallen leaves, I remember a life entire and it makes me sad and ecstatic in turns…” So writes Shane...

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Do you believe in signs?

 [KOSU Commentary] Oklahoma City Arts Festival | Do you believe in signs? At the Oklahoma City Arts Festival this past spring, I took a picture of a painting of a woman smoking a cigar wrapped in brown paper. When I got home and I downloaded the picture there in the frame was a lady walking by....

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