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How To Play Clue During An Ice Storm Power Outage

Three days equals 72 hours, unless an ice storm knocks out your power and then three days equals 234 hours and you have to play CLUE for every single one of them. Because, umm, Parcheesi was not happening and the batteries to Operation were, of course, dead. Every few years a bad ice storm rolls...

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How To Prepare For Battle

In 1974, our family moved from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs. Our new house was a yellow split-level on London Lane in Southboro. The house next door was bright blue and there lived the family Barlass. Peggy was the youngest of four kids and lucky for me, we were in the same grade. We  became...

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Oklahoma Canola Fields

Sometimes, my work takes me to rural towns across Oklahoma. I love being on the road, traveling down the old state highways, thinking about how people in wide-open spaces live. I breathe better in these parts, even if I white knuckle it across narrow, two-lane bridges. Yesterday, I passed farms...

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