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Mercy there was great And grace was free… I love the photography of Olivia Bee. She’s the 19-year-old prodigy from the Pacific Northwest who shot a Converse ad at the age of 15. Bee’s work is so different than mine. I always want to capture the truth in pictures. I never want...

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Your Hair Shone In The Sun

The older I get, the more I dream about starring in my favorite songs. Like this one called My Beautiful Reward by Springsteen.   …From a house on a hill a sacred light shines I walk through these rooms but none of them are mine Down empty hallways I went from door to door Searching for my...

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Turbeau’s Sticker Art

I first spotted Turbeau’s sticker art in September. It was on a mailbox at the post office on NW 16th Street east of Portland Avenue. I posted a picture of the Radish on Instagram. Benny Jacobs responded, “Turbeau?” Later, Turbeau confirmed it was his (her?) work. Here is a...

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