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Jeanna Would Have Been 54 Today

Jeanna would have been 54 today. Born in 1967, she died in December from complications of COVID. I met Jeanna during my first days of college when I was just 17-years-old. We both lived on the 5th floor of Hatley Hall at Southern Nazarene University. She was a stunning beauty driving around campus...

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Generation X, Winter 1980

It was such a long winter. One that began on March 13, 2020, and ended just the other day. I spent two springs, a summer, fall, and winter basically indoors. I wonder if I look younger than I would have had there not been a pandemic. I’ve missed the sun. Here are some beautiful pictures of...

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Madonna’s American Pie Celebrates 20th Anniversary

One thing I don’t admit to very often is that I have always been a huge Madonna fan. I fell in love with her music after hearing Borderline on the radio in February 1984. I was living in Northeast Oklahoma at the time and crossing the border into Kansas every day to finish at the high school...

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Rainbow Connection

Guest Post by Chloe Koffas The following blog post is from regular contribute Chloe Koffas.  It first appeared on her blog, Light From A Pixel. Republished with permission from the author. Rainbow Connection For a short time, I lived in a small town in New Mexico where pink sunsets splashed across...

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