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This 1990s prom dress is too 1990s for the 1990s.

This 1990s prom dress is too 1990s for the 1990s. I purchased the original recently for my collection. I paid around $15, so if you swipe it and put in on your wildly famous 1980s Instagram account, please cite the photographer and this blog, Thank you so...

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50 Most Iconic Songs Of All Time

And love is not a victory march It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah… Car maker Fiat recently commissioned a study through the University of London to determine the most iconic songs of all time. Topping the list is the Generation X angst-filled anthem, Smells Like Teen...

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The 1990s In One Picture

People ask Jim to create pictures for them with Microsoft’s crude program Paint. So, Jim creates pictures with Microsoft Paint. National Geographic asked him to summarize the 1990s in one picture. He came up with this: Did he miss anything? Check out more of Jim’s work at the...

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