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Virgin Mary Plastic Bottle Cap Art

I’ve been working on a plastic bottle cap art project for and with my son’s class for the annual school auction. I’ve never done one of these before, so I had a lot to learn before getting the kids together to place the bottle caps on the design. I couldn’t find a...

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Everything Will Be OK Graffiti

I came across this graffiti in a local arts district in January 2012. The graffiti stencil of a little boy laughing appeared overnight on several buildings. The graff artist also included a special message, “Everything will be OK.” It meant a lot to me then and I felt so lucky at the...

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Art by Juliette

Art by Juliette, December 2010 You are so talented, Juliette. Winner of the school science fair, spelling bee and speech contest, you can be anything you want to be! My father said this about me, but I didn’t believe him. Believe me. Aim high!

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miXtape 80s musical premiers in San Diego

What’s not to love about a mixtape 80s musical? Just nothing! MiXtape: The Musical Journey Through the 80s is a journey of more than 70 tunes from the 1980s. I love that the X in miXtape is capitalized as a tribute to Generation X.. The musical, by Jon Lorenz (check out this guy’s...

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