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Punch Crunch

All these years and I never knew about Punch Crunch Cereal, a Cap’n Crunch brand by Quaker. How did I miss this? So, I’m scrounging around Flickr for some images of vintage grocery store displays and I come across this cute beast standing next to Horatio Magellan, a.k.a. Cap’n...

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Boo Berry Art Gallery

These days, Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry haunt grocery store aisles only during the Halloween season. Today’s post in the Countdown to Halloween features Boo Berry, a cereal that first haunted grocery store shelves in the early 1970s. Created by General Mills and beloved by Gen...

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Why Gen X Dads Cry During E.T.

A Guest Post From Junkdrawer67 Note: Read this guest post through to the end where you’ll find details for how to win a Quisp Cereal T-shirt! Recently I bought a box of Quisp cereal from the gourmet market near our house, because when I think gourmet market I think retro sugary GenX cereals,...

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