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Generation X: Prepare For A Frugal Retirement

Hamilton Nolan of Gawker is so funny. And, occasionally cruel if you’re a member of Generation Y. He wrote a hilarious (and depressing) piece yesterday on the grim prospects of the Generation X retirement: Generation X,” the Poor Old People of the Future, Will Never Retire. It was...

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Wipe Out: Gen X Net Worth Drops 40 Percent

Between 2001 and 2010, the median wealth for Generation X dropped 44 percent from $95,100 to $42,100. Source: Federal Reserve Bulletin, June 2012 You can’t make this stuff up, friends. It also seems worth noting that between 2001 and 2010, inflation increased more than 23 percent. The...

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Financial Ward of the Chinese

Generation X has a new name and it’s not pretty: Financial Ward of the Chinese. Ouch. photo by kennymatic via flickr Over the years, I’ve heard every possible less-than-glowing term used to describe Generation X. That is, until today, when I read an article by Dale McFeatters...

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