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Oh thinkin’ about all our younger years There was only you and me We were young and wild and free –Heaven, Bryan Adams (1983) Here are some memories I thought I’d share on this Memorial Day. This is a picture of Joe, a young Cold War veteran. The picture was taken around 1987....

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I remember when your face was covered with acne And the acne was covered with panstick. Max Factor, fair. You needed beige to avoid the line of demarcation. There was no distinction between Your ambition and love. They were the same. I was mischievous. I made a rope our of your 32A bras and hung...

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A Lifeboat for Friendships

Make Friendships Did you know the average American reports having only one true friend? Alia McKee and Tim Walker want to change that. They’re a couple of Gen-Xers who recognized the sweeping implications of the mid-life friend slump. They decided to launch a lifeboat. Lifeboat is not a...

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Desperately Seeking Long Lost Friend Eddi

Now we went walking in the rain Talking about the pain from the world we hid Now there ain’t nobody nowhere nohow Gonna ever understand me the way you did –From Springsteen’s Bobby Jean (1984) Like the bored suburban housewife Roberta who was fascinated with the life of Susan in...

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Searching for Eddi

I’ve been searching for my long lost friend Eddi, my best friend from 6th grade, for longer than I can remember. I spent one of the best nights of my life with Eddi. I was 11, she was 12, and it was Halloween night 1979. We roamed the streets of Ozark together, bounding frightened through...

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