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Natural Grocers OKC (With Pictures)

Thanks to Mari Farthing and Stephanie Clinton, community managers for Oklahoma Women Bloggers, several local bloggers recently had an opportunity to attend a presentation on Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. Natural Grocers is a Colorado-based health food chain that opened in Oklahoma City last...

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Rockin’ Refuel For Busy, Hungry Kids

It’s not easy keeping my kids fueled up. They stay so busy with schoolwork and a variety of extracurricular activities and they are always hungry. I’m always worried about their nutrition and whether they’re getting enough of the right stuff. To ease my mind, I depend a lot on...

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Generation X and Healthcare

I love this blog post from the Katherine Hobson of the Wall Street Journal’s health blog. I mean, imagine wanting to see your own medical records! Like that was EVER too much to ask. Hand ’em over dude. After all, our health problems are funding your opulent lifestyle. Here is an...

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