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Jesus Saves Sign

Frankie’s Diner Over on the edge of town Neon sign spinnin’ round Like a cross over the lost and found –From Springsteen and Girls In Their Summer Clothes Jesus Saves Sign Last weekend, my husband Robert and I took a drive down by the Oklahoma City Boathouse District. I wanted to...

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Kindergarten Scholar

This poem was written by my father, William Edgar Elliott, in 1965. He wrote it for my brother Billy who had just started Kindergarten. My son Sullivan’s last day of Kindergarten is tomorrow!I’ve never posted any of my father’s poetry on the Internet, but this poem has already...

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My Father’s Legacy: Tell the Truth

Sometimes, my father would joke, “I feel like I’m fading.” Other times, sitting across the table from me at breakfast, he’d tell me he felt out of sorts. I’d ask him what he meant, and he’d wave a firm palm in front of his face and say, “Just out of...

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A Question for God

Do not tell me what you think I need to hear Tell me what I want to hear, but Can’t believe For life is short And our dying inevitable Do not tell me about my son’s sweet kisses How they will fold into Adolescent angst Or predicate my days In the blink of an eye All tenderness will...

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My Father Turns 80

Today is my father’s 80th birthday. Wow. Happy Birthday, DB! You mean the world to me! –YBG *** I saw my father today. I walked into his room to find him staring out the window. He was wearing cranberry-colored sweats. My father would not have been caught dead in sweats prior to his...

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I Don’t Want To Live Without You, Dad.

Some days, I don’t want to live without you. Today is one of those days. The other day, I was sitting in front of my laptop Writing that post about Motel 6 and Roadtrips when I was a little girl. And, I remembered, I will never take another road trip with you again (Diet Dr. Pepper in a...

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