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Oklahoma Horse Camp

Way on passed the boulevards
Out here, underneath the stars,
I’ve been flying past the houses, farms and fields…
–From Loveless and Nothin’ But The Wheel

My oldest daughter, Juliette, attended horse camp south of Oklahoma City this week. This is her riding a horse named Knight. She was amazing! We passed lots of houses, farms, and fields on the way to the camp every morning and afternoon. It certainly gave me pause about living so close to smack-dab in the middle of Oklahoma City’s urban center. I love it here, but I get a hankering for a change of scenery sometimes. There’s nothing quite like a drive down an Oklahoma road lined with cornfields and grasshopper oil pumps.

Do you have a favorite Oklahoma horse camp?

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  1. Yogiabb

    I’m glad she is enjoying riding horses. (You didn’t say that but most people enjoy what they are amazing at – I know bad English) I also enjoy living in the city but I sure do enjoy getting out of town and seeing the countryside and what is going on.


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