This dad gets the prize for coolest Halloween decorations ever: Homemade Alien Spaceship

[This Oklahoma Life]

Homemade Spaceship on a front lawn in OKC
Coolest Halloween Decorations Ever | Homemade Alien Spaceship | E.T. Phone Home

Can you even believe this? A spaceship has landed in someone’s front yard in Oklahoma City. The aliens have been called forth in preparation for Halloween. Totally tubular. If this guy doesn’t make it into Slice Magazine’s Cool Dad’s spread this Father’s Day ain’t nobody gonna make it. And, on the chance a mom did this, well, she needs to make the Hot Mama’s AND the Cool Dad’s feature of the mag. Slice is an OKC-based magazine, by the way. 

This house is located in Linwood, an historic neighborhood northwest of downtown Oklahoma City. It’s two blocks west of Drexel Boulevard off NW 17th Street. I bet the people in Roswell are totally jealous.

Awesome Homemade Alien Spaceship

If I’m a kid, I’m trick-or-treating at this house. I haven’t been by to see it at night, but there are colored spotlights on this thing and throughout the yard. I just thought of a new feature for HGTV: Extreme Halloween. May the force be with you, Xers. And, you know an Xer did this, right? I knew this before I looked up their property records and discovered they have undeniably Jen Gen-Xerish names.

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