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The Rainbow Wedding of the 1970s (Daily Photo)

The rainbow wedding of the 1970s primarily played out in bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s one of the best wedding trends of all times in my opinion. When I was a little girl I was definitely gonna have a rainbow wedding. I still love all those pastel colors together. I even love the hats and look at their flower baskets. They all coordinate with their various dresses. So much 1970s goodness in these two photos.

It’s so crazy how bridesmaids trends change over time. I have special affinity for the colorful veils bridesmaids wore. They were beautifully captured in these photos by the late Nick DeWolf. Those hats, as pretty as they are, will always remind me of the Stepford Wives.

Rainbow Wedding of the 1970s

Gloroius rainbow wedding photo from the 1970s. I love it all!

The fabric used to make these dresses looks like a popular sheer voile or organza with embroidered flowers. Also, note the daisies in the baskets. The daisy was THE 1970s bridesmaids flowers. Also, Dotted Swiss was a popular bridesmaid and/or flower girl fabric, too. I wore pink Dotted Swiss in my sister Becky’s wedding. I was a candlelighter.

Finally, check out this post on ugly bridesmaids dress. They aren’t really ugly to me, though. I love them!

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