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10 Famous Christmas Commercials From the 70s and 80s

Hallmark Commercial Dad Farm

Waiting for Christmas

Following are some of my favorite Christmas commercials from the 1970s and 80s. My favorite one is the first one featuring Folgers Coffee and Peter coming home for Christmas. I related very much to this commercial. As the youngest of four, I watched my older siblings leave home one-by-one. I missed them so much and there was nothing more exciting than knowing they were coming home for Christmas. I remember how happy it made my parents and how anxious they always were for their arrivals, especially Billy’s during the years he was in the Marines.

Which one of these famous Christmas commercials do you like the best?

1982 Folgers – Peter Comes Home For Christmas

1986 Coca Cola – Children Talk to Santa

1978 Underoos

1988 Cap’n Crunch – Christmas Crunch Berries

1983 McDonald’s – Ronald McDonald and Ice Skating

1977 Kodak Instant Camera

1982 Hallmark Christmas Commerical – Walking with Dad on the Farm on Christmas Eve

Here is part of the text of this beautiful commercial. It never gets old.

Every year on Christmas Eve just before midnight, my dad and I would take a walk. Just me and him. I can see him now. Hear the crunch of his boots on the snow. Our breath would hang in the air as we’d trudge past the barn. y cheeks would get so red they’d start to hurt. Toes would be numb in my boots, but I’d never complain. Just try my best to follow in his footsteps, never quite making. Past Carter’s creek and up that little edge than ran to the edge of the pine forest. We’d keep on in the moonlight ’til we made it to the clearing at the top of the hill. You could see the whole valley spread out below. And, there’d we stand. The two of us. And wait for Christmas…”

1975 McDonald’s – Gift Certificates for Santa Clause

1977 Norelco – Ice Skating Shaver

1984 Toys ‘R Us

Can you remember any other famous Christmas commercial? This one from Sainsbury about World War I and a Christmas truce is bound to become famous.

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  1. Friar

    Gonna go with the Norelco — I thought that electric-razor-as-sled thing was cool, and it also kind of reminded me of the Rankin-Bass Christmas specials.

  2. Melessa

    That Folger’s commercial always brings a tear to my eye. Even when it was current in the 80’s.

  3. Yogi♪♪♪

    The only one I remember is the Norelco commercial. What is wrong with me?

  4. FLConfetti

    THANK YOU!!! For YEARS I have told my husband, “it’s not Christmas for me until Peter comes home from college.” He never remembers what I’m talking about. I have loved that one since it debuted.
    I don’t recall ever seeing the Hallmark one, but I’m all choked up now…gosh that was an effective commercial.
    And little chubby Corey Feldman in the McDonald’s gift certificate ad…that one was always cute. It was fun seeing all these again!

  5. Anonymous

    I like #1 the best. It does bring back lots of memories. Funny — feeling don’t change — During the Holidays especially; everytime I answer the door, I anticipate the arrival of my kids. However, if they don’t make it in person — They are always here in spirit and in my heart.
    Thanks for a sweet post.
    Love you– Mom


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