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G.I. Joe and Terrorism: Defending Freedom Against Ruthless Terrorists

Firefly and Lt Stone in G.I. Joe

Firefly and Lt Stone in G.I. Joe | Image via Wikipedia | From the G.I. Joe Cartoon Series Intro, 1985

G.I. Joe and Terrorism

GI Joe is the name for America’s highly trained daring mission force. It’s purpose: to defend your freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

An L.A. Times blog, Hero Complex (for your inner fanboy) has a fun feature this morning today. It’s a salute to the 10 best G.I. Joe vehicles of the 1980s. Younger Gen Xers are sure to remember some of these including the Cobra Hiss, Cobray Moray Hydrofoil and the G.I. Joe Tomahawk.

In the late 70s, I found an old G.I. Joe in the attic of our parsonage. Soon he found a home among all my Barbies. I didn’t care too much for all of Joe’s jointed parts, and he always seemed incredibly pale and out of place alongside my copper-colored, butter-blonde 11 1/2-inch dolls.

I did think, however, that G.I. Joe was superior to Ken. Joe fought wars while Ken drove a groovy camper and lounged on the beach all day. Joe was brave while Ken was vain. You can guess which one I thought would make a better boyfriend. Ha!

Check out the L.A. Times blog post. The toys really are very cool – especially the U.S.S Flagg with its 7-foot landing deck! While it retailed for 90 bucks, today, it can command thousands more.

Looking back, what do you think now of G.I. Joe and terrorism story lines?

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  1. missqokc

    My barbies had jeep rides and zip line adventures with my brothers GI JOE. Way better then Ken.


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