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Happy Back To The Future Day, Gen Xers

Back to the Future iiTomorrow, October 21, 2015, is the day Marty McFly and Doc of Back To The Future trilogy fame, crashed into the future. Major media outlets are covering the anniversary of sorts and there’s an October 21, 2015 BTTF Facebook page.

The BBC published a story today analyzing the movie’s various technological predictions. These include barcode license plates, hovercraft, flying cars, self-lacing tennis shoes, facial rejuvenation, drones, mechanical fuel attendants, roll-up flat screen TV and smart glasses, but no smart phones.

Check out this video of all the time circuits inputs shown throughout the Back to the Future trilogy.

Back To the Future is one of the top 50 movies ever made. It starred two Gen-Xers in the lead roles, Michael J. Fox, who was born in June 1961, and Lea K. Thompson, who was born in May 1961. But, the movie’s unsung hero was the Delorean DMC-12.

Delorean DMC-12 Back to the FutureDelorean Flux CapacitorDelorean Doors

Back To The Future opened on July 3, 1985. A sort of coming-of-age film for Generation X, it is a movie that is beloved by all generations including those who weren’t born until the after the Turn of the Century.

Happy Back To The Future Day! I hope it’s happy and bright. And, remember, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…”

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