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Jennifer: Punk Rock Girls From the 80s

I love the harvest gold refrigerator and sunshine yellow kitchen knob in the background of this most awesome photo from the Flickr user Jennifer Precious Finch. It depicts the punk rock/new wave culture in Los Angeles, 1980. Jennifer is the girl in the middle. This is the second time punk rock has appeared as a subject in The Jennifer Chronicles.

It also seems worth mentioning that in 1980, Leave It To Beaver was widely syndicated as was The Brady Bunch. The contrast between these shows airing during the after-school hours and the teenagers who might have been breezing by the rabbit ears is a commentary about Generation X. Less than three decades before this picture was taken my mother’s 1952 Excelsior High School yearbook (Norwalk, California) featured fresh-faced girls with soft, but deliberate curls and pastel sweater sets.

Punk Rock Girls From the 80s

Punk Rock Girls From the 80s


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